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Fed up of searching for downloads? Use our hassle-free download manager

Are you just like me?

Do you spend most of your time searching for downloaded documents? Does your download manager confuse the world out of you? I download probably a hundred documents a day just to do my work research and my educational research. Some are permanent downloads which are stored on my computer while others are temporary ones which I just open temporarily to read through and then delete. No matter, what I do, half my time goes in searching for my documents and PDFs. Just how do you know where your documents download to?

Do you really need a download manager? Yes you do!

Now you might be wondering whether I’m a tech idiot, but I’m not. The problem is that my computer is used by five different people in my home and everyone wants their document to go their personal folder. Hubby dearest shifts the documents and PDFs to his work folder and then syncs this to work laptop. My sister-in-law downloads a huge amount of recipes in the form of PDFS for her cooking show and changes the settings to her personal folder. The worst part is that they very smartly queue up documents for downloading. When I finally get online, and try to download my documents, not only do I have to wait for the pending work to complete but it completely eats into my work time!

I have three more family members….so you get the picture! Sometimes downloads fail, sometimes they are troublesome and filled with viruses, sometimes they take a lot, and l mean a looooot of time.

So what did I do?

I got an efficient and free download manager to get the job done.

What does a good download manager do?

Accelerated downloading – With the free download manager; we were able to accelerate the downloading of documents, images, programs,

videos, etc as quickly as possible. In fact, the best download managers can actually increase downloading speeds by as much as 500%.

Scheduled downloading – As we do a lot of downloading, the scheduled downloading option is very useful. The free download manager has an option by which users can schedule downloads for a later time of the day. We now do most of our downloading at night as the system is usually on. Internet speed is also faster at night, resulting in quicker downloads that are much better in quality.

Streaming Audio and Video – The free download manager also has a great option by which you can capture streaming videos and save them on your computer. As we all know, this is not really possible with a web browser or even a good media player.

Back up files on web servers – Important work related sheets and files can be backed up on a web server. This was particularly useful as husband used several spreadsheets that had to be shared through his office computer. A single lost file could mean hours of work for him. With this automatic back-up, he can rest easy.

Organize downloaded files on the computer – For us this is very, very important. The free download manager has a great option by which files can be downloaded into specific categories and folders according to different users and file content. Any one can find their files easily and there is absolutely no wastage of time and effort.

Fully integrated –The download manager that we now use is fully integrated into all of our web browsers and it does not matter which one we use. The download manager manages it all.

Which One Do I Choose?

Well, this really depends on your system and your requirements. There are over a 100 different varieties that you can choose from and all are quite good. We suggest you choose a multi-featured version as it can deal with almost anything quickly and efficiently. No matter which download manager you use, make sure that it is-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to install
  3. Affordable or better yet, free
  4. Can offer good customer support in case of problems
  5. Integrates into your browser
  6. Has regular updates
    1. Has a very good feature set
    2. Does not contain malware

    A good download manager will have all that and much more and it will really make your files and systems well organized. That’s all we really want, right?